Parents Welcome To Watch

Unlike any other dance studio, Princess Ballet Company offers parents the opportunity to watch their dancer’s class in progress. Parents are welcome to share the fun and celebrate the weekly successes during terms 1 and 2 as their dancer settles into dance and gains confidence.

Some points to consider when making the decision to watch or leave.

You know your dancer best and know what will bring out her best. Some dancers thrive with a parent watching class; others find it an incredible distraction. And this might change from time to time.

Please consider that while you as a Mummy, Daddy or Grandparent might really want to stay and watch class, your dancer might enjoy the chance to be independent and have a class just with her friends.

From experience we usually find that dancers have greater success when parents drop them off and return just before the end of class to see what they have learned during the lesson.

Parents might initially start by sitting in on classes for the first few weeks and when both you and your dancer are comfortable, only come in for the end of class.

The lovely thing about Princess Ballet Company is that you have the choice. No other dance studio offers you that!

We find that by term 3, all parents and dancers are happy, confident and dancing like stars. At this stage of the year, we ask that parents drop their dancer off and return just before the end of class to view the end of the lesson.

Teacher Advice

If you’re not sure what’s best, have a chat with your dancer’s teacher. Listen to your dancer’s class teacher’s advice. They are experienced professionals with your dancer’s best interests at heart.

Parent in Class Etiquette

  • Please DO NOT speak while the class is in progress. Even whispered conversations can be heard and are distracting for all dancers and our teachers. We love our parents getting to know each other (part of the value of having open classes), but if you want to have a chat, you MUST leave the dance studio
  • Parents are welcome to sit at the BACK of the dance studio
  • Mobile phones are to be switched to SILENT.
  • Still photography of your own dancer is welcome, however DVD or mobile phone recording is absolutely and strictly prohibited
  • Remember that you are a stranger to all but one dancer in the class.