Our Concerts


Princess Ballet Recital

This is a gorgeous no stress mini-concert which runs for about 45 minutes – 1 hour. Your dancer will either perform in the 10am recital OR the 12md recital. Dancers get numerous stage appearances during the recital, which runs continuously and smoothly without an intermission or time wasting Compere. We hold stage orientation rehearsal in the weeks leading up to the recital and as well as a dress rehearsal.  There is also 3 group opening and finale rehearsal scheduled through the year. One each in term 2, term 3 and term 4. There are no long stressful unscheduled practices or rehearsals. NO all day long rehearsals!!!

All teachers are there to support our young dancers and encourage them every step of the way to allow them to feel confident and marvellous when they appear on stage.

Our Princess Ballet Recital is truly a beautiful experience for all involved and yet another reason to choose Princess Ballet Company for your dancer.

Princess Ballet Company Concert

As our dancers grow up we offer a fabulous performance experience that is the highlight of our studio year! Our Princess Ballet Company Concert called ‘Rhythm in Dance’ commences at the family friendly time of 3pm and generally runs for approximately  1 1/2 hours with no intermission. Our concert runs smoothly, without a compere and items flow one dance to the next. Our older Princess Ballerinas combine with the students of our high school studio The Dance Gallery to create a fabulous end of year concert.

What about concert costumes?

Princess Ballet Company has a dedicated Concert Co-ordinator who personally looks after the costuming needs for your dancer. For our costume needs we utilise a mix of  purchasing and making to help make things simple for our parents and to keep costs down. To help plan for costs parents know in advance how many dances their child will be performing in the concert to help plan for costs. Most typically it is 1 – 2 dances per class.

Do you have Special Awards?

Princess Ballet Company recognise and celebrate special and outstanding efforts by particular dancers on a weekly basis – with our Student of the Week Award. Awards are not reserved for the most talented dancers, but for dancers for who show outstanding attitude and application great citizenship and qualities of a true friend. These special awards are announced with pride each week! Princess Ballet Company loves acknowledging the positive attributes of students.

How do you sell tickets?

Our tickets are sold online through a professional ticketing company. So there is NO lining up to get tickets. It’s so easy…just follow the link we send you, choose your seats, pay through the secure online facility, then print your tickets. Another reason our parents love our studio!!

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