Do you have yearly concerts?FAQ1

At the end of each year we hold an annual concert showcase. Every dancer from the studio is invited to participate in this magical day . Our concert will run between 1-2 hours.  Our concert tickets are reasonably priced.

What costs are involved?

At Princess Ballet Company we are very conscious of the different costs involved with kids participating in dance as well as their other favourite activities. We always aim to keep our dancing fees and costs as affordable as possible.

We also offer a range of fee discounts including  family discounts and full course discounts. Please contact us on 1300 587217 to find out what discounts you’re eligible for.

 How are fees paid?

Fees are paid by the term  and special rates for dancers choosing to participate in our full course options.

However we understand that not all families are able to pay by the term, a payment plan can be put in place upon request.

Princess Ballet Company has many payment plans available that makes our studio affordable for all families. Give us a call on 1300 587217 to find out more or to organise a payment plan that works for you.

Princess Ballet Company accepts payments through

CREDIT CARD: Visa and MasterCard – please phone our office on 1300 587217 during office hours 8.30 – 4:00pm. A $2 charge applies

EZYDEBIT – Automatic direct debit payment options include 1 easy payment or 2 split payment.

Can we view our accounts?

Yes! Princess Ballet Company has a fully interactive online management system. Each family sets up their personal account page when they register online. The management system allows you to register your dancer for new classes, change your contact details and check your account balance. The online registration link is:

Register Here to create an account

Once your follow the link, you just need to type your password and you’re ready to go.

When you register the management system automatically calculates your dancer’s fees and adds any discounts that you might be eligible for. To see your account balance, make sure you click, show payment history when you are viewing your account.

What if we pay by the term and our dancer doesn’t wish to continue?

At Princess Ballet Company, we’re not happy if you’re not happy. We want your dancer to love their dancing as much as we do. We understand that often parents are hesitant to pay by the term in case their child finds out that they’d rather play netball, than do ballet.

We offer you this:

If your dancer is genuinely not happy at Princess Ballet Company, we are more than happy to refund the balance of your term fees, less our $20 administration charge.

Do you offer exams?

At Princess Ballet Company, we teach our beautiful, age appropriate Princess Curriculum which is a certificate based program. During term 1 and 2 our dancers progress through our curriculum learning essential dance skills and techniques. At the end of term 2, we offer all dancers the opportunity to attend ‘Graduation Day’ where they come along and present the skills they have learnt to our teachers. Dancers are then presented with a completion certificate at our mid-year presentation day.

This is about encouraging self-confidence in each dancer as well as giving each dancer a goal to strive towards. It is about celebrating accomplishment and effort and not about grading and stress.

Capitalizing on children’s naturally occurring cognitive and neural development, our Princess Curriculum provides our dancers with the tools, skills and knowledge to become confident, accomplished dancers. In appreciating and utlitising our students natural development, our Princess Curriculum builds more confident, beautiful dancers.

We have exams options for all Tap Dancers. Dancers can choose to sit for L.G.T.D.A. Tap exams, which are usually held in the mid year. This is completely optional. If you decide you would like your dancer to participate in exams, they will need to attend the exam preparation class for their grade.

What is your uniform?

Each dancer enrolled at Princess Ballet is required to wear our uniform to each class.

Our base uniform for ALL our classes is:

* Princess Ballet Class Leotard (included with your registration),

* Princess Ballet Dance Skirt (available from the studio)

* Princess Ballet pink dance crossover (for cooler months)

* Princess Ballet shorts, tights and hoodies available for Jazz, Acrobatic and Hip Hip classes

* hair pulled back off face

In addition to our base uniform for ballet & modern classes:

* pink leather ballet shoes,

* Princess Ballet pink ballet stockings

In addition to our base uniform for jazz/funk classes:

* camel colour split sole jazz shoes,

In addition to our base uniform for tap classes:

* camel colour tap shoes,

All items (except tap shoes) are available from Princess Ballet Company.

What is your lesson format?

At Princess Ballet Company our classes are structured and well formatted without being strict or over powering. All classes generally run on the same basic format: welcome and warm up, technique practice and teaching, choreography session for routines, warm down, rewards and farewell.

How do we know what’s going on at Princess Ballet Company?

Each month our Princess Ballet Company newsletter will be emailed to you. This is a fabulous way to keep in touch and find out everything happening in Princess Ballet Company. If you don’t receive an email on the 1st of each month, please check your email address is correct in our studio management system.

We’re also on Facebook. We’d love you to share your photos and join in the chat on our facebook page at:


What about concert costumes?

cost-questAt Princess Ballet Company we have a dedicated Concert Costume Co-ordinator who personally looks after the costuming needs for your dancer. For our concert we purchase costumes and accessories to help make things simple for our parents and to keep costs down. Usually our dressmakers and costume co-ordinator take measurements or have fittings at the studio. Parents know in advance how many dances their child will be performing in the concert to help plan for costs. Our concert costume costs are amongst the lowest in the region.

Can parents watch classes?

Absolutely!!!! We love parents to be involved with our studio!!! Won’t find this at any other dance studio. Have a look at our Parents watching page for more information.

Can a potential student watch a class before enrolling?

There’s nothing like getting up and dancing! At Princess Ballet Company we invite our potential new dancers to come along and actually join in a class. Once a new child is moving and shaking with the others dancers, they get a much better idea of what the class feels like and what it’s like to be part of. Call us to see what classes your dancer can try out!

Does every child receive a trophy?

troph-questPrincess Ballet Company believes that all dancers who participate in our concert deserve to be recognised for their effort, dedication and enthusiasm. All concert dancers receive a trophy to celebrate their achievement. Trophy presentation occurs at dress rehearsal so all dancers can have a photo in their costume with their new trophy.