Our Philosophy

Princess Ballet Philosophy
Princess Ballet Company Philosophy is simple. Our  classes are for everyone.IMG_0147

For children who just want to come along for a ‘taste’ of dance or

for ballerinas who want to take their classes more seriously.

It doesn’t matter why your child wants to dance – we will love her, encourage her and share our dance passion regardless.

Almost every little girl dreams of being a beautiful princess ballerina…with sparkling tutus, magical pointy shoes and dancing on stage under the spotlight as a star. We will provide your daughter that chance  by teaching her  grace, poise and rhythm.

Princess Ballet Company is a beautiful dance school that offers wonderful classes your child will love. She has a choice of: 2philos

  • Classical ballet
  • Jazz / Funk
  • Tap (optional LGTDA exams)
  • Acrobatics
  • Hip-Hop

At Princess Ballet Company parents are welcome to watch their dancer’s class in progress and share their dancing experience!

We believe in age appropriate music, costumes and choreography that is sensitive to our ballerinas’ tender age.

We believe in offering ballerinas and parents an enjoyable, affordable, stress-free concert experience. See our concert page for more information about our concerts and why Princess Ballet truly is unique.



At Princess Ballet Company we run various charity collections throughout the year. We believe in a holistic approach to teaching. Not only do we teach your child the art of dance, we also show them how they can make a difference in our community and help those in need. We show our dancers that their individual small act of kindness can collectively (as a studio) achieve greatness and make a difference. We do this through an “out of uniform day” with a gold coin donation given to The Cancer Council and we also run a Canned Food Drive for the Newcastle Basket Brigade. Each year we aim to collect 500 items to donate! We are  more than just dance school.

At Princess Ballet Company, our teachers are supported through ongoing training and constantly evolving curriculums which have been designed especially for our Company. Our teachers are dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about sharing the world of dance with their students. Our classes are structured and well formatted without being strict or over powering.

All classes generally run on the same basic format: welcome and warm up, technique practice skill development, choreography session for routines, polishing and positive feedback, warm down, rewards if applicable and thank you and farewell.

Princess Ballet classes are specifically for pre school and school aged ballerinas from 4-10years of age.

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The Dance Gallery is the home of all our dancers once they turn 11 or move into High School.

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