Our History

Princess Ballet Company is part of The Dance Gallery group of studios founded  in 1989.

When we began, Simone (then Simone Lindus) was a student & junior teacher for the renowned Mr Les.Griffiths. When Mr Griffiths sadly and unexpectedly passed away, parents from his studio contacted Simone and asked her to continue teaching their tiny tots…….and

The Simone Lindus School of Dance was born.

Simone’s sister Kate joined the teaching faculty in 1993 and the studio was renamed The Dance Gallery, with Simone and Kate running the studio together.

In 2010 the studio evolved again into three specialist studios catering to the different needs of dancers as they move through their dancing ‘careers’.

From humble beginnings of teaching dance in their parent’s garage, to what you see today, we are so proud of the marvellous people who have made our studio fabulous over the past 24 years.

Now our Dance Gallery family continues to grow. Along with all of our beautiful new families, we are lucky enough to be teaching the children of our own past students as well as the children of past students of our beloved Mr.Griffiths.